In the US, feminists demanded to classify statistics on road accidents.


In the US, feminists demanded to classify statistics on road accidents with women, the disclosure of which previously sought


The radical feminist movement WomenSupremacy from Los Angeles demanded to classify statistics on road accidents caused by women. Earlier they demanded to declassify this information.

Activists within a month sought disclosure of this statistics. The leadership of the local police Department’s traffic safety division initially refused to do so, arguing that the publication of these data could lead to increased sexism in society, but feminists said that only they can decide where there is sexism and where it is not. As a result, the information was made public on 23 April. The very next day, the activists of WomenSupremacy took to the streets again and began to demand to classify these data again.

“These figures are certainly false and cannot be true. Why? I’ll tell you exactly: if the LAPD had been headed by a woman, there would have been real numbers. And what they published is a real sexism,” said the representative of the movement Dylan McCallister on the local TV channel.

The presenter reminded the representative of WomenSupremacy that the Los Angeles police Department has been headed by a woman since 2017, but she accused him of provocation and left the Studio. On April 26, the movement intends to start blocking roads if the statistics are not removed from the Internet.

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