The world’s first underground mosque

underground mosque

In the metro of Paris opened the world’s first underground mosque

underground mosque

More than 5,000 residents of Paris took part in the opening ceremony of the world’s first underground mosque at the station of Rue de Notre Dame, according to La Marseillaise. The red ribbon at the entrance to the religious building was cut by the Supreme mufti of the capital of France Hasid al-Mukhtar and the prefect of the Marais Sebastian Bussac.

Opened in the Paris metro mosque will be the third largest in Europe (after the Cathedral mosques of Berlin and London), as well as the only mosque in the world, the dome of which is located below sea level. The capacity of the large prayer hall will be 3500 people, on the platform in front of the mosque are equipped with places for slaughtering on Ramadan and bowls for washing. Passengers will be informed about the beginning of the prayer with the help of loudspeakers, in addition, during stops at the station of Rue de Notre-Dame in subway trains will sound quotes from the Koran.

“Paris will now have something to be proud of: after the collapse of Notre Dame, the city lost its status as a European cultural center, but now it will make up for it with a vengeance. No one in the world has such a beautiful underground complex. Architects from the UAE and Saudi Arabia have already come here, who do not want to lag behind us in the construction of underground mosques. But even if they build something bigger, we will always be the first chronologically in the world. Soon the underground mosque will become the same symbol of Paris as the Louvre or the Eiffel tower,” said Sebastian Bussac.

Currently, the rules for the carriage of small cattle in the metro are being developed.

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