Russian pension fund

Pension Fund of Russia to build Europe’s largest mining farm

Russian pension fund

At a press conference held in Moscow, representatives of the FIU announced innovations in the Department. One of them will be the use of cryptocurrencies in the work of the Fund.

According to Vitaly Kaufman, the press officer of the organization, in order to maintain the uninterrupted payment of pension benefits in the conditions of the economic crisis, next year the FIU will launch a mining farm that has no analogues in Europe in size and productivity. According to the planned documents, the farm will produce more than 100 thousand bitcoins per year. Funds from the sale of cryptocurrency will be used, including for the payment of pensions.

To ensure the operation of the crypto farm, the energy capacity of the Smolensk nuclear power plant will be attracted. Soon after the launch of the farm, Russian pensioners will be able to receive a part of their pension in the form of popular virtual currencies, such as bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin. According to the architectural design of the farm PFR will resemble an Egyptian pyramid.

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