A Russian paratrooper killed the bull in a bullfight

A Russian paratrooper

Drunk Russian paratrooper with one blow killed a bull on the bullfight

A Russian paratrooper

The military pensioner from Arkhangelsk Pavel P. became the hero of the Spanish Newspapers after the victory over the bull during the bullfight. Initially, the participation of the Russian in the event was not planned, he bought a ticket and came to watch the action as a spectator.

During the release of the picador, the viewer, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, tore his vest and shouted “For the airborne forces” rushed to the arena. Even trained stewards could not stop him. The paratrooper was laid on the ground bullfighter, picador, followed by one blow of the open palm and the bull, who had escaped him. The animal was fatally injured. After that, the man repeated “For VDV” and urged the audience to fight him one on one. To calm the raging hooligan could only after a shot at him from a gun with sleeping pills.

At the hospital, the Paul P. came around and assured the audience of journalists and the mayor of the city of Toledo, where there was a bullfight, doesn’t remember anything. For the victory over the bull paratrooper was awarded the main prize — a five-kilogram leg of ham. At the same time, the Russian will have to pay a 500 Euro fine for disturbing public order at the stadium. The city meat-packing plant offered the hero a job.

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