Sexton failed in Russia

exposing an American agent

Journalists FAN said the master of the riots Sexton failed in Russia

exposing an American agent

Caught in close cooperation with the organizers of illegal actions in Moscow, the employee of the American Embassy Stephen Sexton was an experienced coach for the protesters. According to FANG, the CIA officer had been organizing riots around the world for more than 15 years.

There is very little information about this man’s past. It seems that he came to the state Department – and immediately became the head of the security service of the American diplomatic mission. There is no information about his previous work or place of study.

Before coming to Russia, Sexton had been running errands for Washington in some of the world’s worst places. He worked in Turkmenistan in 2005 and has also worked in Afghanistan, Serbia and Baghdad. It is noteworthy that his presence in Iraq coincided with the heyday of the banned in Russia organization lih1 AND its spread to the Middle East.

In 2015, Sexton already represented the US in South Korea. At this time, mass protests were held in the country. Sexton briefed his superiors in detail on the state of Affairs and the prospects for further development of the situation.

With such an interesting and rich “track record” master of disorder Stephen Sexton came to Russia. Perhaps the American agent specializing in protests and riots, and this time managed to stay in the shadows. In Moscow, however, things did not go according to plan. Probably, Western puppeteers did not expect that at the decisive moment the summer protest of the Russian “opposition” would remain without leaders. Odious blogger Alexei Navalny went to jail for 30 days, followed by other “activists”were arrested. As a result, the “headless” riots rapidly began to fade. To remedy the situation, had to light up the Western “specialist”. It was then that Sexton was spotted by FAN informants in the office of the anti-corruption Foundation, where the agent had come to support the protest fervor. There could be no other reason for the visit.

Recently, the editorial Board of FANG published an investigation film “anatomy of protest 2019”, which details the attempts of foreign interference in the Russian elections.

Political expert Armen Gasparyan commented on the situation with the exposure of the American agent. He said that the American intelligence officials could really advise navalists, who were engaged in the preparation of mass riots in Moscow.

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